Air transports

In the area of air transport, we have taken action over the last year and we have already ensured a significant movement in cargo volume, acquiring with good reason the right of IATA air waybills issued by big international airlines. In air transport, every minute counts and every kilogram has its weight.


Ensuring space for cargo transport during peak periods makes the difference among companies offering air transport services and this is one of the weapons we possess in order to support our customers and agents in the daily fight against time. From Asia to Europe and from Australia to Canada and USA, we are able to offer you specialized services, to receive from far-off areas, to clear goods through customs, even to stow them for as long as it takes.


We also have a very well-equipped accounts department, which records directly and pays for freight and costs for account of our agents – something that is of great importance for us – and our reliability is proved by the agents themselves with which we collaborate and which they trust us anywhere in the world.

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