During a transport, it is very often imperative for a cargo to be stored in a warehouse for a short or a long period of time, depending on the wish of the customer or the necessity to be stored until the day the ship is ready to leave.

Furthermore, goods arriving from third countries – non-European ones – have to be stored until they are cleared through customs and reach their final delivery point, so that storage becomes a necessary precondition in the various stages of transport and therefore, it is a very important process for every transport. We also believe that an organized warehouse is of vital importance; it forms a station that always has to be ready in order to ensure a normal transport.

Our installations are about 500 metres away from the commercial terminal of the port; they are in a central point, in the entrance of Kalohori, providing immediate access to all central roads of Thessaloniki. We have a warehouse fully equipped with modern shelves ensuring maximum capacity; forklift trucks, industrial security doors, a 24-hour monitoring system and security guards who intervene in case of alert and at the same time, they call the police.

The second stage that completes warehousing is the process of receiving and distributing cargo from and to the warehouse via privately owned vehicles and trained staff, ensuring the appropriate transport, without delays and postponements.

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