As it is well known, in all cases of transportation of goods, there is always a risk of damage due to loss, disaster, theft, sinking, collision, overturning, as well as other kinds of damage, which can be included in the insurance coverage. It is something that over the last years has become a prerequisite in the field of transports and from an additional service it has now become a part of the transport itself.

Despite the wrong impression that insurance raises the cost of transport, in fact, the insurance rate (two and a half per thousand) is minimal in comparison with the coverage offered. For example, a cargo transported within the European zone having a worth of 3,000 euros is invited to pay for comprehensive transport insurance (clause 1) (all-risks coverage) only the amount of 7.5 euros. Our company believes that insurance coverage makes transports reliable and ensures a normal payment of compensation, without problems and delays, in case of damage. Since we are never sure, it would be a good idea to be ensured. This is our philosophy and for this reason, our company includes public liability insurance (meaning our customers) and this is something that we strongly recommend our customers to do. In an easy and costless way, we can also provide for your own insurance contract through reliable insurance companies, which undoubtedly offer insurance coverage for every kind of transport.

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