The development of an always-improved infrastructure and the better organization of the port of Thessaloniki offer excellent conditions for handling goods while in transit, verifying the port’s reputation as the major and more ideal sea portal of the Mediterranean Sea to the Balkans.

The port of Thessaloniki, gaining on a daily basis more ground, can fully serve all Balkan countries (BULGARIA – ALBANIA – FYROM – SERBIA & MONTENEGRO – BOSNIA – CROATIA – SLOVENIA).

Our company, knowing very well the customs code applying to Greek Customhouses and by means of our experience of many years on issues of transit, has the ability to offer excellent services, concerning the goods in transit, which are transported through the port of Thessaloniki to all the above-mentioned countries..

In particular:

• Collection of documents and submission of a manifest

• Storage of containers — Issue of a TIR carnet

• Process of transhipment via a T1 document

• Monitoring and dispatch to the Greek borders

• Coordination of loading from Ship to Car or from Ship to Train

• Possibility of road transport until the final destination point

In combination with the customs warehouse, which is at our disposal, we can receive in our installations any quantity of cargo, either for loading or storing, ensuring in this way excellent conditions for community or non-community goods in transit.

Geographic location of the port of Thessaloniki:

The port of Thessaloniki is located on the northwest shore of the Thermaikos Gulf.

Latitude: 40o 38’ N

Longitude: 22o 56’ E <map of the port of Thessaloniki>

Naval Chart: 2070, Time zone: Greenwich +2 UNCTAD Locode: GR SKG

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