Cyprus – Safety in transports

As far as our company is concerned, Cyprus forms the basis on which our whole organization is built from the very beginning and represents one of the market’s leading destinations for our company. We receive goods from almost all European countries on a weekly basis, we collect them in our warehouses, we sort out the community from the transit ones and we dispatch them via two direct departures from the port of Thessaloniki and three direct departures from the port of Piraeus.


We offer enclosed containers for dry cargo, open top containers, open-sided containers, as well as reefer containers, while we are very proud to say that we have managed to turn large quantities of conventional cargo (such as wood, steel, plywood, insulating materials, bricks and tiles) into an easy matter through the use of platform containers.


Our perfect relationship with a large number of traders and industries all around Cyprus, as well as our fully equipped and trained agents, provide for our harmonious and positive presence in the Cypriot market. PERSONAL EFFECTS is also a field with a particular emphasis for Cyprus and everyday we try to maintain a high level in our services for the transportation of every kind of delicate personal belongings, by having an excellent contact with our private customers and students travelling every year from Greece to Cyprus and vice versa. We always take care of your own goods, just like ours!

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