Personal effects

Personal effects constitute a particular part of transports, either by sea or by air, and we are among few companies to believe that this field is important, so that we give all necessary attention.

Furniture, couches, garments, books, electrical appliances, even motorcycles and cars, are some of the hundreds of personal effects that we carry everyday all over Greece and around the world with no damage.

The secret lies in paying great attention to the detail as well as to the way of packaging items – behind which there is a whole science – that differs depending on the kind and fragility of each item. Furthermore, the loading and piling of personal effect inside the car/van or container, plays a significant role in the condition that they will be delivered to the final destination.

Finally, experience acquired by the staff who forms the whole part (residence – warehouse – ship/airplane – residence) makes each transport a series of interdependent links, the one completing the other and every previous link ensures that all mistakes will be avoided for the next one. We have the possibility to visit you in your house in order to survey the items to be carried, package, carry and clear them through customs for your account – for our private customers – without any interference of yours until the final placing of your personal effects to your next destination, your next house.

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